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From our July 16, 2014 meeting:
July 16 2014 Meeting


Welcome to all of you……

I am so honored to have been chosen by our Association members to serve again as your President.

I ask for your help, your input and your support in leading our Association to be the best that it always has been in the past.

As Treasurers, we have a tremendous responsibility to our counties as public officials to execute our duties and be mindful that our every action or words are subject to scrutiny and will either build up or destroy confidence in our local governments. We should bear in mind every day the need to rededicate our loyalty and allegiance to the people of our County who elected us to a position of leadership and service and to give freely of our time, labor and talents in service to those who come to you for assistance and advice.

When we accepted this office, we ceased to be responsible only to ourselves, but pledged to be a true servant of the people of our County, our State and our Country.

We should train and motivate our staff in providing courteous, efficient and effective service to the people of our respective counties.

In our continuing education, we should strive to improve our office efficiency in the areas of technology, management, finance and keep up to date with the laws that govern our practices and procedures.

I am looking forward to working with our new officers, committees, our new Treasurers, new challenges, new friends, old friends and this wonderful association.

I hope you all will feel comfortable, be open in your comments and feel this is truly your Association and become an integral part of this group of awesome people.

Judy Beth Hutcherson, President
Arkansas County Treasurer’s Association
Clark County Treasurer W:870-246-4361
401 Clay Street C:870-245-8711
Arkadelphia, AR 71923 FX:870-246-6315

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